Witness Analysis

 Witness Examination Essay

THESIS: " Having not just two cultures, but two time zones”. Weir, the director in the film Observe, cleverly used juxtaposition to divide the two overlapping worlds. The dichotomy in the modern-day American society and the idealised representation of Amish people, and their different values and morals happen to be powerfully demonstrated visually. Relating Sentence from your intro

Weir speculates the attitudinal divide with the values and morals in the two realms. He focuses in the turmoil of nationalities and interpersonal values that they can represent. In Book's world there is only individuality; we come across this in Book's relationship with his sis and his sister's dysfunctional friends and family, on the other hand, the Amish are portrayed while tight-knit, morally upright community; we see this kind of through the representational nature from the bell, which will unite the whole community. Weir utilises the power of lens, especially in close-ups, viewpoint shots and framing shots of crucial events, employing doors and windows to direct visual attention. Lighting is a essential element in the establishment of atmosphere, mood and shape anticipation. Jarre's soundtrack uses a recurring anthem motif by key moments in the story. Opening Scene Analysis


* We see the Amish people often in the area of their land, functioning; this can be regarded as conveying the agricultural importance of the property of the Amish. * The cinematography utilises the natural beauty of the panorama. This is emphasised through extensive angle photos, such as domains of corn swaying with the soundtrack. 2. At the funeral, we see the Amish persons jammed inside the frame, this strengthens the idea of how the Amish guy are very community oriented. This also shows that the Amish guy people have " no personal space”. * The twilight scene with the horse plus the buggy signifies their repetitive daily lives.


2. Wide pictures of the beautiful Amish surroundings in extensive daylight happen to be juxtaposed to the English globe shown as either congested or in...