Willa Cather

 Willa Cather Essay

Materialism Murders

Today, the new tendency is the have the most. People are constantly judging each other about how much they may have or just how new it really is. Society would not look down upon materialism, but rather commemorates it. Nevertheless this was not the case inside the 1920s. During this time period period, there was clearly a approach toward mass production however the idea was not accepted by simply all. A large number of people detested the idea, one of these people staying Willa Cather, who respected simplicity and intelligence above money and items. This kind of tug-of-war among old ideals such as fine art and history, and the fresh values of technology and material wealth, is a theme Willa Cather addresses in her publication The Professor's House. The novel can be centralized throughout the St . Peter family: husband and wife, Godfrey and Lillian, and their daughters, Rosamond Marcellus and Kathleen McGregor. One day inside the girl's child years, a man named Tom Outland comes from Fresh Mexico and basically lives with the St . Peter's, changing their existence forever. Sooner or later, Outland becomes engaged to Rosie and revolutionizes the aircraft, just before he is wiped out in combat during Globe War My spouse and i. But , Outland's invention can be patented and makes a good deal of cash, all of which is usually willed to Rosamond. Inside the Professor's Property, Cather uses the ruined relationship among sisters Rosamond Marcellus and Kathleen McGregor and the characters of professor Godfrey St Peter and Tom Outland to criticize materialism by showing the negative and evil effects of money, including jealousy and spite, as well as the content and importance of living life simply. The St . Philip family, that has been a functional and loving family members, was wrecked when every one of Tom Outland's money was willed to Rosamond, building a monetary division and jealousy between the once close Rosamond and Kathleen. While venting to her daddy about the hate seething from Rosie, Kathleen feedback that Rosamond has " entirely changed…and all this funds [has] destroyed her” (Cather 71). The newly attained money has allowed Rosie...

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