Week 1 Practice Problems

 Essay regarding Week one particular Practice Concerns

Maria Saavedra

ECT122 Week 1


Part 1Chapter two Chapter several Practice Complications *(Be certain to put the devices in; volts, amps, etc . )

1 ) One coulomb of charge passes a point every 20 seconds. Estimate the value of the present through the point. I=Q/t = 1C/20s =. 05C/s=. 05 A x10^-3 C = 50mA

2 . A total fee of 2. 5 × 10-3 C goes by a point every single 40 secs. Calculate the cost of the current throughout the point. I=Q/t =0. 0025C/40s= 6. 25 C/s sama dengan 6. twenty-five A

four. A total demand of 50 × 10-3 C passes a point every installment payments on your 5 mere seconds. Calculate the importance of the current throughout the point. I= Q/t sama dengan 0. 05C/2. 5s sama dengan. 02C/s sama dengan 0. two Ax10^-3 sama dengan 20mA

6. Calculate the conductance of a 1 . a few MΩ resistor.

G=IR= 1/1. 5 MΩ = six. 66666667x10^6 s= 666. 67 nS

six. Calculate the conductance of the 510 kΩ resistor.

G=I/R = 1/510 kΩ=. 0019607843x10^3 s= 1 . 96us

3. Convert each of the following to engineering note.

a. 1 . 11 × 108 Hz= 11x10^6Hz

m. 0. 022 × 10-6 F 0022x10^-9 F sama dengan 0022nF = 22nF

24. a. zero. 00128 A (0. 001, 28)=1. 28mA

b. zero. 000047 L (0. 000, 047)= 47uH

3. Decide the guaranteed range of principles for a fish hunter 360 kΩ resistor with a 5% tolerance. 342kΩ - 378kΩ

5. For each and every of the color codes shown, determine the rated worth of the element. Band one particular

Band a couple of

Band several


a. Brown



_Gold _160k value- ranges 152Ω - 168Ω

c. Orange colored



_Gold__ 390k Value- ranges370. 5kΩ -- 409. 5kΩ

e. Yellow



__Gold four. 7k value__ranges- 4. 465Ω - some. 935Ω_

several. Determine the colours of the initial three rings for each of the following resistor values. a. 33 kΩ Orange, fruit, orange, rare metal

c. 910 kΩ Light, brown, discolored, gold

farreneheit. 10 MΩ Brown, black, blue, precious metal

h. zero. 24 Ω Red, yellowish, silver, platinum

10. For each and every of the color codes detailed, determine the rated part value plus the guaranteed variety of measured principles. a. Yellow–Orange–Silver–Gold. 43k Ω

n. Brown–Gray–Yellow–Gold –180 kΩ

c. Yellow–Violet–Orange–Silver- 470k Ω

m. Brown–Green–Silver–Gold. 15k Ω

12. Convert the...