Was Elizabeth I an excellent Queen?

 Was At the I an excellent Queen? Dissertation

Queen At the I reigned for over forty-five years (1585 - 1603). She achieved this feat by making some very important decisions that would modify England forever. Many of these decisions created wonderful uproar in the general public; others would ditch her with many followers.

Elizabeth's forerunner, Mary I actually, had married Philip II of Italy before the girl died. When Elizabeth arrived to power Philip asked for her hand in matrimony. Philip provided to aid Great britain with their war with Portugal (England was losing badly, and it was also costing a lot) if your woman married him. If the lady won the war, it might show persons she was a good full, but if the girl didn't it would be a bad start to her rule. If the lady married him she would have heirs' to consider the throne after her. But Philip was very unpopular in britain and Elizabeth didn't desire to share some of her power with a Spaniard. If your woman married him she would need to convert to Catholicism, as well as the complete of England, this was because he was Catholic. Elizabeth failed to want to do this kind of because it would be very unpopular with the Protestants. Elizabeth decided not to marry Philip. So your woman peacefully finished the conflict with Italy and made Britain protestant again. This was good because your woman did what she thought was best for England and never for their self. She also did not try and continue the War with Portugal; this would include saved cash and lives.

The Catholics didn't like how Great britain was Protestant, so Elizabeth made a universal Cathedral of Great britain. This suitable both Catholics and Protestants. This specific England instead of creating a argument between the two religions.

In the event that people don't go to Church, Elizabeth might simply fine them. She'd keep track of people that didn't go to Church by anointing a Justice of Peace (JP) in every single village, to keep a record of who missed Chapel. This was very good because she pushed her people to head to Church, and in addition because the girl only fined them, not anything worse (e. g. Mary I wiped out 300 Protestants because they will...