Warhorse Composition


-Based within the novel by simply Michael Murpugo, Adapted by Nick Stafford, in association with the Handspring Puppet Company

Depending on the book by Eileen Murpugo but adapted simply by Nick Stafford, there powerful, dramatic ‘WarHorse' tells the storyline of a Horse that goes to fight and gets passed through numerous owners, and exactly how the Horse lives though the First Community War. Anything is spoken apart from the music women narrates the story as it goes along by singing. On introduction in the cinema forum, the first thing that my own eyes were drawn to was the plain and simple, bare stage where there what looks like a ripped newspaper strip all the way across the the top of stage, resembling a banner which is a brechtian technique. To incorporate there was also a simple package on stage, which has been centre level right. After that what trapped my attention next was your lighting, which had freznel and overflow lights in at that point on time which offered off a bright white light, giving the whole theatre fairly neutral atmosphere right up until play is approximately to start. The ground of the stage looked like tarmac/concrete giving it a hard solid truly feel, making the stage look and feel cold, uninteresting and bare. The whole level made everyone in the market wonder what was going on and guess for what was going to happen on stage when the play begins. When Joey the equine first emerged on stage, the lights up which has a bright white light, Joey seen as a foul, with three small women manipulating the puppet, Joey was active like having been in a discipline, making all of the necessary noises to make the puppet seem true, when he performed just walk around on stage this made me experience so content that he was happy which I could experience what having been feeling through the sense of body movements which was jolty and moving about everywhere making him and me personally feel free, you might also tell that Joey was happy and young because he was only small puppet to start with nevertheless his hearing moved about listening to what going on in the field, that a new...