Aesthetic Analysis

 Visual Examination Essay

п»їVisual Analysis

Here are some tips:

Heading: involves the name of the artists, artwork, date, medium, scale art work.


In writing a formal analysis or perhaps visual examination paper, the most crucial thing to not forget is that you are discussing visual components and not actual content, just like what the artist might have desired to " say” through his work. As well, no personal opinion, make sure you!!!

When you first strategy the art object, take plenty of time to note down every one of the visual details of its kind that you can. As you may look carefully, you will begin to sense an overall organization in the work of art.

As you are searching, consider:

Channel (what the item is made of):

Be attentive to particular kinds of factors such as brushstroke, layering, ring finger mark, or other ways where the artist taken care of the substance that varieties the object. Technique (how the thing was made):

Detect whether the object was drawn, painted, personalized, carved, players, etc ., and just how the designer carried out those processes. Size: Is it significant or small , and what are the dimensions.

Composition (the arrangement of elements inside the work):

Is there a focal point? Is the composition crowded, open, varied, or perhaps repetitious? How does your viewpoint affect the operate? Space: Which methods are accustomed to create space, or is there a denial of space? How can the object relate with the space around it? 
 When producing, try to communicate what you observe with as much precision as possible. Remember the next formal terminology: Color: Portions of color



Intensity OR Vividness

Local color, Optical color, Arbitrary color

Line: Uses of line




relative lumination and darkness in the operate, implied lumination or source of light, etc .

Space: Methods for creating space in a 2-D subject

Figure or Ground



Lowering of scale (but remember exclusions to this convention) Foreshortening

Atmospheric Perspective: " Blueing out",...