Venezuela Essay



[]And in this kind of film, this man linked to a voyage to look for an excellent place, a legendary design. Do you bear in mind the term of this fall? []Although Heaven fall does not exist however it was influenced by a true fall, the greatest waterfall in the world. That is Position fall. And I want inquire you you more query, can you tell me which region does the fall season belong to? Besides this maximum waterfall, Venezuela is also recognized for the kingdom of gorgeous women. Resting on the upper coast of South American with the standard language is usually Spanish, persons call Venezuelan culture can be described as melting weed which includes the combination of The spanish language, African and indigenous tradition. According to Hofstede, today I will present to you 5 main points of Venezuelan lifestyle which include some basic information that might be useful for the future career. These are Power length, Individualism, Masculinity/Femininity, Uncertainty prevention. Now discussing move to the first dimension,


You can see the score of power length of Venezuela is 81, which is quite high. Therefore , cultural status is essential to Venezuelans. So always address persons in order: Academics /Professional title - Label - First name. For example: Linguistic Doctor Duong Thi Hoang Oanh. And remember that Your business credit card also has being printed in this form. When you are a new commer of a group, always expose yourself to the oldest person first and possess respect with all the older people. Elderly position are often held by the upper class, the best of the group -also the anybody who has more power will give the ultimate decision. Looks matter to Venezuelans. Guys should outfit conservatively, in dark business suits. Women must always maintain an elegent and beautifully attired apearence with jewellery and make-up to show that you are not really from the low class. The next dimension I want to discuss about is


Venezuela is among the most collectivistic country....