Understanding Accountable Leadership: Part Identity And Motivational Motorists

 Understanding Responsible Leadership: Role Identity And Motivational Individuals Essay

Ó Springer 2007

Journal of Business Ethics (2007) 74: 437–456

DOI 15. 1007/s10551-007-9518-x

Understanding Responsible Command:

Role Identity and Mindset Drivers

Nicola M. Pless

The Case of Dame Anita Roddick, Founder of The Body system Shop

FUZY. This article plays a part in the appearing

discussion in responsible leadership by providing a great

analysis of the inner theater of a accountable leader. I take advantage of a narrative approach to get analyzing the biography of Anita

A-rod as a generally acknowledged original of a

responsible leader. With clinical and normative lens I

check out the relationship between responsible leadership

behavior and the underlying motivational systems. My spouse and i begin

the content with an introduction outlining the present state of responsible management research and explaining the type

of magnification glasses used to examine the truth. I continue

with a quick summary of Anita Roddick's development

via childhood to adulthood, which gives the biographical background for exploring her motivational systems as a head. Against this backdrop, I examine the

marriage between mindset drivers and a responsible command identity since revealed by Roddick in several behavioral management roles. I conclude the article by providing many lessons learned for liable

leadership as well as the development of future global market leaders.

KEY WORDS: accountable leadership, corporate social

responsibility, citizenship, scientific psychology, story

analysis, meaning development, woman principles

Dr . Nicola M. Pless is actually a former Vp of command development by a large financial services institution. Currently she is Reader in Accountable Leadership at the University of St . Gallen and Research Director in the HSG-INSEAD

Motivation on Dependable Leadership. She holds a Ph. D. in

organizational theory and social problems from the College or university of St . Gallen and a diploma in clinical company psychology coming from INSEAD in which she is a Visiting Senior Research Fellow. She is publisher of ‘‘Responsible Leadership'', released by Routledge in 2006.


Since the latest business scandals such as Enron,

WorldCom, and Parmalat a lot more

researchers want into the sensation of

irresponsible leadership. Barbara Kellerman (2004)

asks for instance, ‘‘What is usually bad management, how does

that happen, why does it subject?, '' Manfred Kets

deVries (2004a) takes in ‘‘Lessons in leadership by

terror'' analysing the mind of Shaka Zulu and

Hamilton and Micklethwait (2006) draw lessons

from new disasters inside their book about ‘‘Greed and

corporate failing. '' When these examines are important, it is of similar value to take a positive approach and examine examples of market leaders who can educate us a

great deal about responsible command (see Truck de

Bathroom, 2006). Consequently , I apply in this article a

‘‘positive company scholarship'' approach

(Cameron ainsi que al., 2003) and look at the case of

Anita A-rod as a generally acknowledged original

of a liable leader that has not only developed a

corporate and business responsible business and motivated

the academic debate on CSR, ethics and business' function in world, but in whose personal actions also had a sustainable impact on legislation (animal testing), criteria in the business world (fair organization practice, stakeholder engagement), community

development (trade with deprived communities) and consumer understanding regarding cultural, ecological, and human legal rights issues. This post contributes to the emerging debate

on dependable leadership (Doh and Stumpf, 2005;

EFMD, 2005; Maak and Pless, 2006a) and i also use a

narrative approach pertaining to analyzing the biography of

Anita Roddick to better understand the phenomenon. I actually am especially interested in the inner theatre of your responsible head. I check out with scientific and


Nicola M. Pless

normative lenses the partnership between accountable leadership habit and the root motivational...