The Tyger

 The Tyger Essay

" The Tyger" Ana Melching


Will god make both soft and scared creatures? If perhaps he really does

what right does he possess? Both of these questions the teacher asks the class are

asked by William Blake in his composition " The Tyger. " The composition takes

the reader on a journey of faith, questioning our god and his characteristics. The poem

wraps up a pattern of asking the inventor of the tyger, discussing just how it

could have been made, and then results to wondering the originator again.

Both concerns about the tyger's founder are kept unanswered. William Blake

uses beat, rhyme, and poetic products to create a exceptional effect and

seite an seite his idea in his function " The Tyger. "

William Blake's choice of beat is important to his composition

" The Tyger" because it parallels the theme of the poem, that the

tyger may have been made by god or another harsher creator. The majority of

from the poem can be written in trochaic tetrameter as can be observed in line

three, once Blake says, " What immortal hand or attention. " This rhythm is usually

incredibly harsh appearing, exemplifying the very nature in the tyger.

Some of the lines in the composition were written in iambic tetrameter,

such as with ten, the moment Blake says, " Could twist the sinews of thy center?. "

Iambic tetrameter includes a much softer sounding beat

than does trochaic tetrameter. This implies the gentle mother nature of

god, and if he created such a beast. The last word of each

quatrain is usually written within a spondee. It will help to create a unique symmetry

and to parallel the " fearful symmetry" of a tyger.

William Blake's utilization of rhyme significantly affects his work " The

Tyger. " The entire poem is crafted in couplets. Couplets contain

two lines,...