The flavor of Watermelon

 The Taste of Watermelon Essay

The flavor of Watermelon

The youngster was eliminated home...........

I was shocked! At this time I started to think once i was 16 and below.

It was a great era, my father was very ristrict with all of us five, this individual also used to stay protecting his fiel[1]ds with a gun under his arm. He wasn't very famous of being affective or demonstrating his feelings. Persons from the small town didn't just like him much. I think this individual demonstrated his feelings and affections for people in another approach, by safeguarding his fields like he was protecting all of us. We lived in the middle of the bush really little house, that possibly some parts of it had been in wooden. We failed to had much time and circumstances to play, there were to help each of our father around the patch. Three of us shared a little space on the small roof of the house. My parents experienced also a hardly any room on the first floor. There was 1 night, a bad night, heavy rain and storms came up, there was one that affected a single part of the property, the kitchen acquired all damaged, everything felled down and it stayed all dark. My father needed to sell component to his seeds to shell out the layout of the house. In those days it was a really difficult existence.

Also my father didn't provide us with affection, he was always incredibly busy with his patches. Now i am also not very known for showing feelings quickly, and people have no the courage to face myself, they are frightened of me. Maybe I actually am like my father, I actually demonstrate my personal careness and affection for my little girl and my wife, by safeguarding the watermelons. I i am famous for growing anything by simply throwing the seeds in to the soil and grow the most wonderful tree you ever saw. I spent most of the working day protecting my own watermelon area, every year persons from all sides came to see it. This year my significant other wanted to discuss the huge watermelon with the persons from the community, share a slice from it, at first I actually didn't appreciated the idea, however I just did not cared.

But before that would happen the melon was thieved, I did not knew who also it was...