The Sorrow of Conflict: Book Review

 The Sorrow of Battle: Book Review Composition

The experience of war brings out the moralities of war as well as the tragedies of loss and death. Bao Ninh shows these realizations and tragedies throughout his novel The Sorrow of War. The stories informed follow the central character Kien whose history shows the moralities of war and tragedies of loss and death.

Bao Ninh's The Sorrow of War is a novel describes the disasters that are a consequence of war. Kien is the main figure whose life is used to reflect these disasters; a jewellry who's misplaced all his comrades, misplaced his take pleasure in, and lost his course. Kien's life is made to be incredibly harsh and extremely undesirable by the readers. The novel starts off with Kien gathering the remains of his other fallen troops, this gathering seems to be the trigger for many flashbacks which can be jumbled and don't seem to be in just about any sort of date order.

Some of the themes presented in The Sorrow of War are the moralities of war and the tragedies of loss and death. These are some of the themes that Ninh emphasizes throughout the novel. The title of the new is very straight forward in meaning and is quite literal in the way the book is crafted. Ninh's styles of morality, loss, and death are used to depict the awfulness and true misery, woe, anguish that is attributable to war. Loss and fatality are shown through the slaughter that took place with Kien's platoon. This loss is the central cause for most of the stories that flow through afterwards. The jumbled flashbacks depict Kien's distraught and war split mind after this tragic incident. Kien's recollections portray for the reader the thought that he could be affected by PTSD as he is consistently fixated around the horrors this individual has faced and cannot seem to get over the horrors. Phuong is another great sort of loss, Kien holds Phuong highly in his life. Phuong represents Kien's ideal girl and is his childhood lover before the situations of the warfare occurred. The lady had edgy and loving ideals which are in significant contrast to Kien's own ideals. However the events with the war...