The numerous Heroes of your Day

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The Many Heroes Of your Day

Characters, since the period they were initially written and recorded characters have been the methods to set the example and uphold the morals and beliefs in the people. There were, in general, 3 key age groups of characters: Anglo-Saxon Era, Middle age group, and Modern age. They all have changed during time to in shape the ways with the culture in each of their time period. The different characters that have been written about, every went through several journeys and various quests in respect to what was considered " entertainment" during that age, yet all retained the same simple morals, regardless of the age. In the Anglo-Saxon age group, the characters were out for fame and glory; that they wanted absolutely nothing more but to be kept in mind in fame, fortune, and the loyalty towards the king.. In the story Beowulf, it says " В…. had been dished up as he'd boasted he'd serve them: Beowulf, a prince in the Geats, experienced killed Grendel... " (Beowulf pg. twenty-four lines 119-120). It is obviously sated that he featured about his victory in killing Grendel. It was not just a humble action he had carried out, but one to gain even more fame and glory and to emphasize his victory. " And then, each day, crowds encircled Herot, a warrior coming to that hall coming from faraway landsВ…" (Beowulf pg. 24 lines 127- 129) The people would come all-around and give these heroes exactly what they needed, fame. The knights of the time did the favorable deeds, and return got what they wished. The Anglo-Saxons had nothing more related to their lives than to become honored anytime as well as in fatality. In the times during the Middle grow older heroes, the ideas of who they were changed a lttle bit from Anglo-Saxon times plus they became proven to do the heroic things for females and have a new thing named chivalry. The in account The Better half of Bathes Tale this says, " В… extended, long ago in good California king Arthur's day, there was a knight who had been a and also liver. " (Wife of Bath's Tale pg. 157 lines 57-58). Even though he was a knight, meaning he was one to shield and set the criteria for culture, he...

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