"The God of the Flies" by Bill Golding

 «The Master of the Flies» by William Golding Essay

The famous quote by Lord Action, " Power corrupts, absolute electric power corrupts absolutely" is confirmed to be true by the actions in the character Plug, in the novel " Lord of the Flies" by William Golding. At the start of the novel Jack can be an faithful, young son who gradually becomes electric power dependant and thrives off of this electric power. By the end with the novel Jack port has become totally corrupt with this electricity and commits terrible acts of violence such as eradicating pigs and ultimately friends.

At the beginning of the novel, Jack's power was similar to those of the other boys since they were all new towards the island every other. The sole dividing aspect was that Jack had some additional electric power due to his position since leader from the choir males.

Jack was a born innovator and when having been not chosen leader in the boys on the island he instantly sought strategies to gain electricity.

Jack was elected leader of the predators. This allowed him for making his very first step, up the ladder of electric power on the island.

Although exploring the isle with Ralph and Simon, the kids encountered the first pig on the island. Jack port, being the best of the seekers, stepped in for his initially kill but hesitated and couldn't provide himself to execute the trapped piglet. This confirmed that Plug was not damaged at the beginning of the novel because he could not consider himself eradicating an animal.

On page 29 Ralph says, " Why don't you-? " They knew very well why he had not: because of the scale of the knife descending and cutting in to living flesh; because of the not bearable blood. Bill Golding caused it to be very clear that Jack even now valued his morals and believed that killing was wrong.

Since the book progressed, power began to tainted Jack yet again he was the best of the predators, he wiped out pigs with no hesitation.

Jack port had progressively gained electrical power on the island and began to search more regularly along with his hunters.

Plug had obtained more power at this point in the new because he took Sam'n'eric apart...