The Colonization

 The Colonization Essay

Well the pilgrims on Section XI they start leaving England for the New Found Area. The visit to the New Discovered Land was harsh for these people due to weather condition issues, conditions, and deliver issues; various pilgrims passed away throughout the trip. When they reached Cape Cod. They achieved the Native Americans. When the Pilgrims arrived at Hat Cod in november 11. As I thought, they have met the Natives. The Pilgrims described the Natives since Savages. The pilgrims would not trust the Natives. The Pilgrims attempted to teach these people their religion. They had had trouble to live in Gabardine Cod as a result of harsh weather and Residents. The Natives attacked Hat Cod yet well that they didn't include guns would they? So they had to retreat.             In chapter 12, Bradford comes back to some from the events that happened towards the landing at Plymouth. Bradford states the fact that government had been made on-board the Mayflower (Ship). Just how Bradford said, " After they came on land they would work with their own liberty, for none had power to command all of them. ” This was caused in portion by " discontented and mutinous speeches" by unknown people. The strangers claimed that after the group went ashore, they would include free willed life, freedom of religion, and the Government that does not take part with their work, especially that of New England. Instead, the travelers had a patent for Virginia and was pleased that Virginia had nothing to do while using New England government.  Then there is Indians Relations they have to take care of also. Samoset, a native that lived in the eastern parts came to the Pilgrims told them about Squanto, a native and knows how to speak English language. Then they lined up with the Native surrounding all of them. The Residents taught the Pilgrims tips on how to harvest crops and maintain their diet. Soon the Pilgrims gathered all their bounty and asked the Indians to party with all of them. They called that the First Thanksgiving.