Teen Conversation

 Teen Speech Essay

Good evening dear market. As you are very mindful I am here to go over one of the aspects of the culture in which We live in. I've come approach this devoted audience with regards to a light-hearted and sometime humorous topic in the typical teen-age stereo-type because the announcer has already alerted you. Now I'd like to start out my personal little conversation by hinting all that I actually am a lady watcher. Occasionally I was hardly able to discuss until now I have always recommended to watch those around me rather then in fact participating in any of their actions. It is because with this that I i am so bold in showing that what bothers me in teen-agers. One of the most prominent concerns brought up with this people observing is the fact that teen-agers just like for some reason to sound unintelligent and unsophisticated. Whatever it is said does the contrary of command word respect. For example if I hear one more person use the get phrase " whazzup" or perhaps use the phrase " like" 30 moments in one word. I acknowledge I'm not really the typical teenage or the common girl for instance. And there are a couple of reasons for this but mainly I recently see the existence of a teen-age girl useless, utterly strenuous and quite frankly lame. Returning to the topic of just how teen-agers talk though there is certainly one thing beneath the thick find myself doing and that is talking contacting companies for a couple of or 4 hours to one my buddies explaining some useless teen-age drivel and frivolous badinage, persiflage. I have no idea how girls can get contacting companies and yap away all night on end to some one they already have already spent the entire day with. Perhaps it's simply me. The one thing that's more bothersome then a phone talk however may be the lack of any kind of intelligent vocabulary. I find myself regularly dumbing down my conversation and describing vocabulary they have to already know like " banter" and " naughty”. It can quite unfortunate to think these, my friends, are the smarter from the general people. It's quite pathetic certainly. However you have to hand it to these people, whatever teen-age girls lack in...