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 Manage Financial situation Essay

Study course: Manage financial situation December 21 years old, 2012 Lecturer: Matt Coulibaly T. A: Sophia

I- Economical Reports pertaining to Mary's China restaurant.

After working many years in school studying business and concluding her education, Mary finally graduates in 2009 and makes her parents pleased. Mary provides always dreamt of owning a Chinese food restaurant. A year later, her fantasy becomes authentic as her parents choose to reward her for her effort by giving her the necessary funds to open the restaurant. Our company is currently this year and Jane shows you the Financial Reports for her Chinese food cafe of the yr 2011. However , some information are missing because among her workers accidently wiped some data. Help Mary recover the missing info and then make sure she recognizes the Salary Statement, the Balance Sheet plus the Cash Flow statement.

Cash flow Statement of Mary's Oriental food restaurant| Year 2011| |

Sales| 410, 333

Fewer Drinks and Food Buys (Cost of Goods Sold)|

Gross Profit| 297, 435


Advisors fees| 1, 2 hundred

Wages On-costs| 11, 100

Rent| 34, 600

Electricity| 1, 800

Insurances| you, 800

Interest paid| some, 400

Providing expenses| four, 456

Depreciation| 6, 1000

Investment Income| 8, 1000

Bank Charges| 1, nine hundred

Telephone bill| 2, 2 hundred

Wages Gross| 37, 1000

Other Expenses| 5, 700

Total operating expenses|

Net Profit before tax|

Solution the following inquiries for Mary's Chinese foodstuff restaurant Income Statement.

1 . What account types are reported in the Profits statement? Make clear them. installment payments on your Calculate the missing worth for Mary's restaurant Cost of Goods distributed? 3. In the event that Cost of Goods sold had been increased what would happen for the gross income? 4. Clarify how Revenue or Cost of Goods offered could influence Gross earnings. 5. Calculate the value for Total operating expenses.

6. Just how is the Net Profit determined? Using Total expenses and gross earnings, calculate the internet Profit. six. What does Mary need to do to be able to decrease expenses for her restaurant? 8. In the event depreciation and wages lower, then how it changes net revenue and Total operating bills? Explain your answer.

"balance sheet" of Mary's Chinese foodstuff restaurant| Year 2011| |



Temporary Assets|

Cash and cash equivalent| 40, 456

Inventory| five, 200

Accounts receivable| six, 300

Total short term Assets|


Long-term Assets|

Equipment and Furniture| 21, 700

Accumulated Depreciation| (6, 000)

Bought business goodwill| 95, 1000

Total long term Assets|


Total Assets| 168, 656



Short term liabilities|

Curiosity payable| a few, 750

Taxes payable| some, 890

Total short term liabilities|


Permanent Liabilities|

Loan| 46, 016

Total long term liabilities| 46, 016


Total Liabilities|


Net Assets| 114, 000


Owners Equity|

Answer the subsequent questions for Mary's China food cafe Balance sheet.

1- Compute the total temporary and long-term assets intended for Mary's Chinese restaurant. 2- Calculate the overall short term debts and the total liabilities for Mary's Chinese restaurant. 3- One of Mary's friends argues that Goodwill could be Mary's restaurant biggest asset. Do you really agree with this kind of argument? Make clear your response. 4- What is the owners equity? Precisely what is the value of the overall equity in Mary's restaurant Balance sheet?

CASH FLOW to get Mary's Oriental restaurant| 12 months 2011


Funds Position – Start of the Year| 2, 350



Funds Sales| 410, 333

Funds From Debtors|

Capital Contributions| fifty four, 451|...