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4-5: Would the deflated lung reinflate? Explain the answer.

4-6: Why do lung function in the deflated (left) chest return to regular after you clicked on Reset?


From this Activity, We learned/observed that:  write 1-2 content on everything you observed using this method experiment – think " big picture”


Activity five: Exploring Numerous Breathing Habits

Data: No chart required here, nevertheless, you will need to make use of the data you get from running the experiments to answer the questions listed below

Questions: answer each problem; use complete sentences; request instructor if you require help

5-1: What happens to PCO2 during rapid breathing? Make clear your response.

5-2: How it changes PCO2 through the entire time from the rebreathing activity?

5-3: Do the interesting depth of the inhaling pattern alter during rebreathing? (Carefully look at the looking up for rate and depth changes; all of the changes can be subtle). Explain the observations.

5-4: What happened towards the PCO2 during breath holding?

5-5: What happened to the breathing style when normal respirations curriculum vitae?


In this Activity, I learned/observed that:  write 1-2 sentences on what you noticed by doing this research – think " big picture”

Activity 6: Relative Spirometry

Data: No graph necessary in this article, but you will need to use the info you get from running the experiments to reply to the inquiries below

Queries: answer every single question; work with full paragraphs; ask instructor if you need support

6-1: So what do you think is definitely the clinical need for the FVC and FEV1 volume?

6-2: Why do you consider the ratio of those two values is important to the specialist when diagnosing breathing diseases?

6-3: FEV1/FEV back button 100% = __________________________

Emphysema Breathing:

6-4: Is the FVC reduced or perhaps increased?

6-5: Is the FEV1 reduced or perhaps increased?

6-6: Which of those two improved more?

6-7: Explain the physiological reasons behind the lung volumes and...