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Same-sex matrimony to be discussed in Parliament

VietNamNet Connect - Countrywide Assembly (NA) deputies have got confirmed that the legal conditions relating to homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders need to be discussed inside the upcoming session.


Pertaining to gay people, it is more challenging to overcome social misjudgment than legal problems. The Institute for Legislative Studies in effort with the Institute of Financial, Social and Environmental Study (iSEE) just lately held a workshop entitled " Homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT): The law and views in the community. ” This is the first-time NA deputies having a direct dialogue with all the LGBT community. Change needs to be made from the Constitution

Mister. Dinh Xuan Thao, Representative of the Institute for Legal Studies, said the 1992 Constitution stipulates that all citizens are similar before the rules, so that nobody is permitted to discriminate, harm the rights and passions of those inside the LGBT community. It is also stipulated in the Metabolic rate that men and women are free to get married to. However , nice of same-sex marriage or perhaps not remains in debate in Vietnam. However , the provision invisibly rejects the " those people who are not men or female" out of the opportunity of law. The Constitution of a lot of countries uses the word " people" or " citizens" so it is even more general than " men” and " woman” such as the Metabolic rate of Vietnam. " Could be in the near future what the law states still does not recognize gay marriage, however the Constitution is definitely the original legal guidelines so it needs to have provisions of sustainability. These rules are the basis to get the issuance of legal documents which might be directly related to homosexuals, like the Marriage and Family Law, the City Code and the Law about Gender Equality. In the arriving time, all of us will recommend put this problem for someones comment to complete the draft change to the Cosmetic, " said Thao. Ms. Le Thi Nga, Mouthpiece Chair with the NA Judiciary Committee, declared this is the first-time...