Stationary Image Dissertation

 Static Graphic Essay

Stationary Image Composition

My own Cd cover is based on the text ‘The Interested Incident In the Dog Inside the Night Time'. My target audiences will be teenagers and people with mental disabilities.

Visual characteristic 1:

The question and exclamation marks. This is relevant because it relates to both individuals with and without mental disabilities. The queue dividing both marks is a representation showing how in their particular people with mental disabilities and with out is often divided in to two teams, which causes chaos. The question mark represents people with mental problems who are always asking inquiries and are not sure a lot like Christopher. Where as the exclamation markings represent those people who are always sure about what they are doing just like Christopher's daddy.

Verbal feature 1:

Wrong spelling through the Cd cover. Which has been purpose, it is interesting and important since it is confusing which directly pertains to people with mental disabilities just like Christopher as they are often baffled. But also because people with mental afflictions find basic thing like spelling extremely tough. Every spoken feature within the cover relates somehow in people with mental disabilities one example is Paralysed Prodoctions.

Visual feature 2:

The screaming person on the the front cover links directly with visual characteristic 1 . Mainly because when two cannot live together and are also divided this causes chaos, which is proven by the yelling person. When an understanding has been reached and people with and without mental disabilities can live together it creates a cheerful place. Which can be represented by smiling person just a content world, when ever everyone is in harmony.