Egyptian Tomb Project

 Egyptian Tomb Project Dissertation

Back in Historic Egypt mummification and tomb preparation had been both required for Egyptian Contemporary society. Mummification was getting the body system ready for funeral, while the tomb preparation was setting up the area you stayed in. During mummification the heart, lung area, liver, and spleen were taken out from your body and placed into canopic jars. Your body was crammed, and then going dry out with a preservative upon called Natron; which could lie to around sixty days. After, the body would be wrapped in cloth, and taken to its tomb. Tomb prep is when ever items necessary for the the grave were put in to help the body. Some items that were placed in were canopic jars, shabtis, amulets, and a few of the person's favorite points. The main reason of mummification and tomb preparation were to assist and support a person in the remainder. Items during my Tomb

Sarcophagus- a natural stone coffin that the body laid in, and guarded. Cartouche- a great oval or oblong figure, enclosing characters that stand for the brand of a full sovereign coin. In my tomb the cartouche has my own name drafted in hieroglyphics. Amulets- a little object donned to ward away evil, harm, or disease or to take good fortune; guarding charm. Canopic Jars- a jar found in ancient Egypt to contain the entrails of the embalmed physique. Held the heart, lungs, liver, and spleen. Shabtis- small figures made of stone. Shabtis are supposed to be your staff in the afterlife. Picture of Anubis Considering Hearts- When you die Anubis would ponder your heart and a feather, if the heart was lighter than the feather you should continue to the afterlife. Representation of Osiris- Osiris was obviously a very important god; he dominated the underworld, resurrection, male fertility, and vegetation (which is the reason why his skin is green. ) Photo of Ra and Horus- Ra was your most important our god in ancient Egypt, having been the sun our god. Horus was the god from the sky, this individual protected people. These gods are very important and help to the journey in the afterlife. " Opening of the Mouth Ceremony”-...