Shoplifting Among Pupils

 Shoplifting Amongst Students Article

Shoplifting Among Students| Fall mid 1970s

Journal of Retailing: Quantity 50, Amount 3| [Type the document subtitle]

In 1974, Associate Professor of promoting at the University or college of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Amin El-Dirghami published an article titled " Shoplifting Between Students” in the Fall issue of the Record of Retailing. She started out by stating that shoplifting among pupils has come to a point wherever more attempts should be directed toward dealing with the matter. Shoplifting in the United States had improved by 221 percent in the 1960s. Shoplifting was estimated to be the cause of 12-15 to thirty-three percent of stock disadvantages, which was valued between. 7 and 1 ) 7 billion dollars dollars per year. Shoplifting spreads throughout all demographics and is no matter sex, age group, race, area, income and social class. However , within a past study, approximately fifty percent of shoplifters are within the age of 20 years old, with juvenile females making up 24 percent, juvenile makes 24 percent, adult females 38. 2 percent and adult men 17. 1 percent. Studies have demostrated that the majority of shoplifting occurs among 2 and 6 evening on Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday. Because motives pertaining to committing this kind of crime have already been researched, difficulty and economic problems had been found to have very little regarding shoplifting. Experts consider furor, rebellion, ethical decline and excitement while major factors contributing to the rise in shoplifting. With the boost of shoplifting being widespread, many stores are forced to charge larger prices to compensate for stolen merchandise, plus the cost of putting into action security systems to minimize the danger of taken merchandise. This content aimed to measure the magnitude of shoplifting amongst high school and college students and compare the attitudes of student shoplifters and nonshoplifters towards shoplifting, while also trying to determine the characteristics of student shoplifters. In order to formulate conclusions, this study formulated two...