Shivanand R Koppalkar BIAM 530 Week 5 iLab Project

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Shivanand R Koppalkar

Week 5 iLab Task - Credit reporting System pertaining to CTU

Keller Graduate Institution of Managing of Devry University

BIAM 530 – Developing and Managing Databases for Business Cleverness Dr . Darlene Gail Ringhand

31st May 2015

Table of Contents

College Area University (CTU)3

Software Creation Life Circuit (SDLC) Model3

Reporting System5

I would also like to advise additional adhoc reports that can also be designed and produced to meet the on-going demands and objectives from the CTU staff. five Benefits6

A much more strategic decision can be used by the CTU, by analyzing the survey that is specific to student enrollment in a particular position in terms of facilities development, progress facilities including library, hostels and places to stay as well. Recommendation6 Recommendation7

Appendix A -- List of Effective Students Enrolled8

Appendix B - List of Students Listed with CTU8

Appendix C - List of Courses Trained at CTU8

Appendix Deb - List of Professors Teaching at CTU8

Appendix E - Set of Students Enrollment for particular course8 Appendix F -- List of classes Taught in specific location8

Appendix G - List of Students Signed up at particular location9 Appendix H - Count of Active Students Enrolled9

Appendix I -- Count of Students Signed up at all locations9


University Town University (CTU)

The outsourced development team pertaining to College Town University (CTU) has completed the initial research, design and software variety phase from the Database Existence Cycle (DBLC) approach it really is a part of the SDLC model. Ideal information system deals with the positioning from the organization (CTU in this case) and the recognition and understanding of the stakeholders expectations and organizational functions. Strategic decision-making process may help College Town University (CTU) to take decisions that will seriously affect company health and sustainability (Smith, 2014, p. 1594). In order to have informed decisions, College Community University will have move forward inside the transformation of design for the implementation stage. The requirement for College or university Town University or college (CTU) is usually to develop confirming system in order to take well-timed and educated decisions as an element of the Proper Implementation of student and course documents information program software creation project. The faculty Town University (CTU) board is to be presented with the credit reporting system that comprises of information along having its benefits and advantages that can help the school to take up to date strategic decisions and help all of them in success and durability. Software Expansion Life Pattern (SDLC) Unit

Since the requirement of College Area Uniersity (CTU) requires the introduction of Database software system for young students and Programs, the outsourced development crew has chosen the Repository Life Pattern approach that is certainly integrated section of the Software Expansion Life Cycle (SDLC) style. The DBLC approach consists of the data source initial research, design, setup and reloading, testing and evaluation, procedure, maintenance and evolution levels (Coronel, et. al, 2012, p. 402). The picture displayed on the subsequent page sets out the steps active in the DBLC procedure of the SDLC model. The implementation phase for University Town College or university (CTU) will assist in change of the college student, course and placement data in information that forms the foundation framework to get informed decision-making process. In this phase, it is crucial for information program application to generate reports that will assist provide CTU with the insight about the data in terms of scholar enrollment, demographics of the college student enrollment.

SOURCE: Program Technology/Cengage Learning

Based on selecting Graphical User Interface (GUI) software in the last phase of software selection pertaining to CTU, outsourced development crew is required to generate the reports that are...

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