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Twenty months ago, I actually left New Jersey, America, and came to a fresh city known as Shenzhen. After i came at first, My spouse and i wasn't sure what Shenzhen would be like, and if I would really like it. My spouse and i started to fall in love with Shenzhen when I first rode the Shenzhen subway. I have to admit that subway riding in New york city was not at all on my preferred list. In New Jersey, there were no subway. However I remember that when My spouse and i went to my personal mother's business office in New York City, we would take those train, then transfer to the subway. The subway was dirty, poor, and loud. In summer time, it was just like walking within an oven due to the lack of air conditioning on websites. That's since it was built about a century ago. Shenzhen's subway was built just one or two years ago, it is therefore " updated” and modern. Therefore , travellers can enjoy a quiet, cozy environment. Within a hot summer time day, you could find air conditioning in the subway train station starting from the escalator. When I counted 18 TV SET screens per carriage employed for entertaining subway-takers. In my sight, it's much better than the Shenzhen taxi because it is more reliable, cost-effective, safer and faster (in some cases). That is just " hardware”, but for the " software” side, Shenzhen subway passengers did produce a very good impression. When my sister and I first got the Shenzhen subway with my grandpa and grandma, I was worried that people wouldn't give up their particular seats pertaining to my grandma and grandpa. They were seniors and could quickly become volatile on the educate and land. Plus, my personal grandfather had a bad lower leg due to a major accident. To my personal surprise, after we got within the carriage, several people was up quickly and offered the 4 of us their very own seats. Since that time, I generally noticed persons giving up all their seats pertaining to elderly people, which is not common in some cities. At the moment there are five subway ways in total. Number one is the Luohu route, the starting and ending areas are the place and the airport. It's convenient for people who no longer...