Scarlet Letter Synthesis Essay

 Scarlet Notice Synthesis Dissertation

п»їMichelle Hefner

Mrs. Ochoa

AP English 3

22 August 2013

Activity Essay

Being an incomer in society can give power to a person, but in some instances it does not, and may even weaken an individual. Depending on the kind of person, as an outsider in a community might encourage strength. There are several circumstances where for being an outsider built someone a stronger person, and there are likewise several instances where being an outsider has harmed a person.

An example of becoming an outsider you could consider is perhaps a child getting bullied. Individually, I believe that being teased not also harshly can easily encourage durability in a person. However , you will find instances where the person will be constantly bullied and remote from the crowd, this means you will be too much for them to deal with, which can eventually lead up to devastating outcomes such as self-harm, or even suicide. It really is determined by who you are analyzing and what the circumstances are; but it goes both techniques.

Despite the conditions, there are individuals that gain power from as an outsider to society. In The Scarlett Notice, Hester Prynne has an frame of mind that sees the fact that she is an outsider in the Puritan community. By the end in the story, Hester does not care ever again what one of the townspeople think of her, and she has become a stronger woman (Hawthorne 56-219). With all the common sense and scowl she encountered, she found that the society she was surrounded by was corrupt and hypocritical, and being an incomer made her stronger than she would have been, alongside the hypocrites with the town. Inside the Crucible, Ruben Proctor can be an incomer because he confesses to coping with the devil. However , he started to be stronger after admitting this, because he experienced an inner, spiritual freedom (Hytner). The liberty made him feel strong and satisfied.

Though being an outsider can inspire strength, additionally, it discourages it and weakens some people. Contrary to Hester, in The Scarlett Notice, Arthur Dimmesdale had...

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