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Pedro Calungsod was obviously a 17th 100 years teenage catechist of the Jesuit mission inside the Marianas. В On April 2, 1672 heВ wasВ killed pertaining to his beliefs together with Bl. Diego San Luis Vitoris, SJВ in Guam. The canonization processВ for Pedro CalungsodВ started on June 25, 1998. В On March 5, 2150 he was reported a " beatus". В On January 19, 2011 a wonder through his intercession was approved. В В The Holy Father has decreed that the canonization will be held in Rome in October 21 years old, 2012.

The Life ofВ A Martyr

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" Calungsod" is a very native and descriptive Visayan family name. В His friends and family name is usually variously spelled in the several documents while " Calonsor, " В " Calongsor, " В " Calangsor, " В or " Calansor". В His real friends and family name need to have been Calungsod. The different versions of the spelling of Pedro's family term in the files may have been due to the Spanish authors' inability toВ accurately hear a Filipino identity.

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Today, it is not easy to trace the place of origin in the " Calungsod" families. The name are located in different parts of the Philippines. Nevertheless , the " Calungsod" people areВ most numeriousВ В in the Visayan towns of Ginatilan in Cebu, Hinundayan and Hinunangan in southern Leyte, and in the Banchina district of Iloilo Metropolis in Panay. В

His baptismal record cannot be discovered. В The majority of, if only a few the baptismal records from the 17th hundred years in the Visayas have been destroyedВ by fires, typhoons or termites. В

The sole source of info on him are simply in the papers on the martyrdom of G. Diego Luis San Vitores, SJ. В В

In these papers we know for sure that Calungsod was Autor Diego's faithful assistant inside the mission, В В a " catechist".

He was praised because " he merited the happiness of accompanying the Venerable Padre in the death" (" merecio la dicha sobre acompanar approach Venerable Autor en tu muerte" ). В В The Martyrdom

Pedro CalungsodВ may have only beenВ in his early...