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 Steve Careers Essay

Apple's Beethoven

This case focuses on Charlie Jobs, current (and former) CEO of Apple Computer. The case identifies how Apple is making use of the success from the iPod to reemerge like a serious competition in the pc industry. Matters covered contain creativity, persona, leadership, and motivation.

Primary emphasis is placed on creativity by detailing how a iPod was developed with Charlie Jobs with the forefront. Conversation could direct attention to the three-component model of creativity and how that applies to Charlie Jobs. For example , which in the three parts (expertise, creative-thinking skills, intrinsic task motivation) does Steve Jobs very likely possess in the greatest volume? Which would be most valuable in his position? Even though Jobs relies upon technological teams to develop goods, he has expertise in his area. In addition , his feedback exemplify that he is motivated to make every single product as successful as it can be, and he is also a innovative thinker. Thus, it appears that Jobs possesses all three components to some degree, though maybe his strengths are his creative-thinking skills and intrinsic task inspiration. A related discussion could focus on the traits that could be inferred depending on the cases' description of Jobs. For example , what attributes are linked to creativity (and by file format, which ones may well Jobs possess)? Traits which can be related to imagination include intellect, openness to see, risk-taking, positionnement of control, and self-confidence. Decisions such as pursuing software program development and developing the iMac and the iPod exemplify Job's risk-taking, and estimates such as, " Okay, in the event that nobody would like to help up, we're only going to need to do this themselves, ” suggest that Jobs posseses an internal positionnement of control and excessive self-confidence, all of these are connected with creativity. This kind of discussion could be related to both equally leadership and personality. Intended for leadership, pupils could go over whether Jobs supports the trait point of view of command. For...