Robin Engine Case Study

 Robin Cover Case Study Article

п»їRobin Hood had a good first year but now this individual has face a crossroad and provides a big decision to make which will make a big impact using what happens to him and his Cheerful Men continue. He is shedding control of his men and doesn't even know 50 % of them. He does not have sufficient food or supplies for all and the risk of one of his men becoming spotted and followed to their hide out is becoming possible.

External Environmental Analysis:

Robin Hood may kill Sheriff Nottingham.

He could check out new territory and maneuver some guys in different areas. He could tax the villagers and increase earnings immediately. Robin Hood may join the Barons issues quest to accumulate the ransom to release Full Richard. Inside Environmental Examination:

Robin Cover is a good Leader.

Is going to Scarlett is in charge of intelligence and scouting.

Tiny John looks after discipline and archery teaching. Robin Music group of Cheerful Men continues to be established for the year today. Robin's number of men is growing and so is the strength of his group.

All of these choices could lead to a number of futures and all options have opportunity for risk or reward. Looking at the interior Environmental Examination we know that the core of Robin fantastic Merry Guys are very strong but as a result of amount people which is elevating at an uncontrollable rate they can be becoming a less strong overall group. In my opinion Robin the boy wonder should not try and kill the Sheriff as a result of risk of dropping most of his men. I also don't believe him taxing the villagers is the correct move because he spent his first season working hard to get the support of the villagers and this might damper that relationship. I believe the best maneuver for Robin the boy wonder and his Cheerful Men will be to explore new territories away from the forest. This would cure the number of men in one area which could eliminate the concerns for food and the likelihood of being discovered. Since he has two strong market leaders in Very little John and can Scarlett he could...