Robert Ice Poetry, Stopping by the Woods over a Snowy Evening.

 Robert Frost Poetry, Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Night time. Essay

Frost Speech – Keith Haynes

The lines of beautifully constructed wording I have just recited will be stanzas 1-3 of Stopping by the woods on a snowy night. In this poem Frost provides the idea of a man stopping by a few mysterious hardwoods on a arctic evening and absorbing the quiet, fabulous scene. Frost reveals the temptation to get the leading part to stay longer than he needs to in these woods, nevertheless knowing this individual has to return to reality and must continue travelling past the woods just before he can snooze for the night. In stanza one, the protagonist feels that he knows somebody who owns the forest, he feels as if he was to be caught right here, he would experience guilty or perhaps embarrassed. " Whose woods”, and " his house”, are examples of alliteration inside the first stanza, which creates rhythm, producing a " musical tone”, relating to the nature of the environment he could be in. Frost often creates about the appreciation of nature in the poetry which stanza is a great example of this. Stanza two alludes to the idea of changing where the leading part and his equine stop, the horse feels as if that they shouldn't stop " with out a farmhouse near”, but the leading part decides he wants to stop and ingest the silent, dark, remote forest. This kind of stanza reveals juxtaposition involving the man and his horse, while the horse feels " queer”, about stoping, sense there is something wrong with preventing and the leading part feeling he or she must stop to relish the environment. Within this, Frost symbolises human nature and they way we all as persons act. Stanza three is known as a reference to the horse, as well as the way it feels about stoping there. " he offers his harness bells a shake”, this kind of refers to the horse, the shaking in the harness alarms represents the horse sense there is a oversight stopping right here, but then one more juxtaposition is observed, " the only other sound's the spread around of easy wind and downy flake”, creating imagery of a calm, peaceful, enjoyable, soothing environment, which is the whole opposite in the way the horse sees stopping, since the equine feels...