Due Diligence

 Due Diligence Composition

Northern Illinois University

Sept 29, 2013

ACC 205 11: 12

Due Diligence

Known Facts:

Ykom had a incredibly open and free considering approach to the apps and technology Employees were acknowledged and paid for creating innovative products that pushed the envelope Ykom had a broad range and diversity of apps which includes; Bible, Koran, and Torah apps, apps about taken from the cabinet, defensive marital life apps, and more. baby shaker app was taken off of the apple shop after that received unfavorable criticism

Preferred Facts:

Just how much of Ykom was about developing apps.

They have had any kind of controversial or perhaps removed goods in the past The amount of money was made on the Baby Shaker app?

Feasible Alternatives:

Not really changing firm policy or perhaps regulations to hold the crafting ideas flowing. Changing company plan to limit the bridging of moral boundaries. Censoring more of the applications and goods that the builders come up with.


James Smith-President/founder of Ykom

Shelly Watson-director of the iphone app division by Ykom

Ykom's development crew that allowed the baby shaker app to hit the market Ykom's employees

Honest Issue:

There exists an obvious ethical issue behind the Baby Shaker app. the full point from the app is to become a baby to stop crying by simply forcefully trembling it until it is dead. there is an obvious ethical issue with abusing and killing child for any cause, especially for crying.

COVER Version for Ethical Decision Making:

Code (C)

This will require the company to adopt a code of conduct/ethics for all its employees and items to follow. Acquired this been adopted by Ykom the newborn Shaker iphone app would not have made it through the honest screening procedure and may have never reached the market. Effects (O)

This is based on utilitarianism which is the fact that; " activities are proper in proportion for their tendency to promote happiness or absence or perhaps pain, and wrong insofar as they often produce pain or discomfort. ” The child Shaker software would...