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A similar migrant experience is proven within Elliot's film Harvie Krumpet. The director illustrates Harvie's isolation through the rapport of the portholes, as Harvie is for the migrant send to Sydney, to the house windows of the cottages in the suburb " Spotswood. ” Conditions long shot of Harvie's and other migrants' faces presented by the portholes suggests there is a lack of that belong within this group of migrants due to their lack of an awareness of each other. Furthermore, the dark blues and greys as the exterior colours in the ship stress this disconnection within the group. The overseer effectively conveys the concept that although one may be a part of an organization, as Harvie is a part of this migrant group, an awareness of one another is required to produce a sense of belonging.

A journey may cause the traveller to come across self-realisation and maturity. This really is revealed in most of the chosen texts. In the Claymation short film, Harvie Krumpet, similes have already been included to acquire a greater knowledge of how protagonist felt inside his own skin. " He couldn't control his urges, it absolutely was like aiming to control a sneeze”. In the early stages of Harvie's life, he was distinct and this individual did not understand why, this wasn't before the doctors informed him that he had Turrets' syndrome that he may understand why he did the things that he would. Harvey's journey through rejection and misunderstanding at college are the start off of self-realisation. At a young age he was already beginning to learn things about himself. Adam Elliot uses sound effects to engage with the viewers. When Harvie's journey leads him to a decision to become an powerhouse, loud dramatic music takes on he dances around naked, and opens chickens from their cages. This expresses the triumphant