Heard although not Seen

 Essay about Heard but is not Seen

Benjamin McClendon

Aaron Bremyer

English 1102


Noticed but Not Found

In Raymond Carver's " Cathedral”, probably the most unexpected forms of communication touched upon was your ham radio. The pig radio represents the idea of communication throughout the account. Even though this kind of radio is touched after only once and not only that barely, it truly is more significant compared to the other forms of communication pointed out in the history. It links one of the main heroes to the rest of the world. One will discover several references to communication throughout the account (cassette coup between aged friends, a drawing between two acquaintances of a tall, a husband and a wife changing verbal and nonverbal communication) thus we see that communication plays multiple roles over the story. Occasionally, communication seems to be a problem among at least two of the characters in the story, usually between the narrator and his wife or Robert and the narrator. Why is it that there is a problem with communication not only between the two characters it turned out expected (new acquaintances) to get but also between the heroes where it was not predicted (a spouse and wife)? Why does Carver use Robert, who seems to be the most by itself in the story, as a channel of kinds for communication between himself and the different characters in the story? Why does communication (or lack thereof) play this sort of a big portion between all the characters in the story?

1 possible explanation for this big part that communication takes on is that this displays how one persona can serve as a metaphorical core for others inside the story. This can be observed the most between Robert and the narrator's wife. At first of the history, we observe the wife's previous marriage and how her relocation and lack of connection with the kinds she enjoys leads her to attempt suicide. After screwing up, Robert as well as the wife continue to exchange cassette tapes. This is certainly done to keep them in touch together. In this...