Questions on Business Integrity

 Questions in Business Integrity Essay

1 . Some business ethicists argue that " acting” moral in order to maximize profits in the end is unethical- that businesses should be ethical because they need to contribute to the community. How do you feel about that statement?

I feel like the people operating ethical to be able to increase earnings are just resting to the organization they work for, they have to rest in order to make a profit, which I believe is extremely wrong because to start with the sales people shouldn't be lying to the customers.

2 . Why do you think the title of this article is " Business Integrity –Like Nailing Jell-O for the Wall”?

I think the content is called " Business Integrity –Like Nailing Jell-O to the Wall” trying to give exact details intended for something that not necessarily possible to learn about accurately.

a few. Do you agree that the authorities should regulate aspects of an enterprise to ensure that they operate ethically? If therefore , what types of things must be regulated?

I definitely believe they must regulate elements to ensure they will operate ethically; they should offer the product or service for what it truly is for and not lie about other activities.

four. " Zero corporation is actually ethical unless it has banned all forms of external inspiration for employees”. What do you imagine this affirmation means?

This assertion means that a corporation is not really completely moral unless the employee has removed themselves via ambition.

5. Reevaluate the story reviewed earlier regarding Sally the convenience store owner who provided a ticket of milk to the poor mother. What would a deontologist claim about Sally's action? What would a utilitarian declare?

The deontologist might find an substitute solution; they might see it because something wrong. A great utilitarian would see it in an effort to make her child completely happy.

6. Do you prefer deontology or utilitarianism? Why?

I prefer utilitarianism since the end result is actually matters, if the person is definitely happy in what he or she is carrying out.