Psychoanalysis: Fantasy and Sue

 Psychoanalysis: Wish and Helen Essay

Psychoanalysis helps the consumer to uncover and resolve subconscious conflicts and also to strengthen the ego by redirecting strength to conscious processes. What methods does Dr . Donavan use to achieve this goal? How effective can it be with Helen? In researching the case study of Sue and seeing the therapy program online it became apparent that Helen would still be struggling with thoughts of the " benign neglect” she skilled as a child. Murdock (2009) in quoting Sigmund Freud " maintained which the forces which we are ignorant (the unconscious) are the most powerful sources of behavior” (p. 34). Dr . Donavan was effective in making use of the technique of " Wish Analysis” to assist Helen connection the distance between her unconscious (dream) and her conscious emotions of disregard from her husband. Dr . Donavan helped Helen to comprehend that in her fantasy where she's floating exclusively in a water going complete her spouse and kids with no of them seeing her (she did later recall that her son looked up and saw her), is much like her feeling of getting taken for granted by simply her hubby in her everyday life. Helen reportedly does her obligations as better half and mom with small help or gratitude coming from her spouse. Dr . Donovan also manufactured an association with Helen's unconscious feelings of needing to be observed and recused with the possibility meeting of your former professor. Helen within a session with Dr . Donovan discussed the truth that times prior to this kind of dream she ran in a former professor who recognized her in graduate institution and was aware of her gift of writing (he sees her). The professor who is at this point divorced invited Helen to get drinks which will aroused her interest (thought process). Dr . Donovan associated that thought process with Sue dreaming that although she was floating throughout the river this kind of professor acquired his hand out trying to recuse her. Doctor Donovan attempted to strengthen the ego by redirecting Helen's conscious procedure suggesting that Helen try to remember suppose felt like when she was noticed on her behalf...