Pre-Enrollment System

 Pre-Enrollment Program Essay






Simply by:

Guimba, Kenn M.

Payte, Glayza B.

Suarez, Joan T.

Tiamzon, Patricia Erica L.

March, 2013

Desk of Material

Chapter 1 – Intro

i. Organization Profile inclusive of contract person

ii. Fuzy

iii. Affirmation of the Difficulty

iv. Goal of the Analyze

v. Value of the Research

vi. Method

vii. Scope and Restrictions

Chapter 2 – The current System

i. Definition of Terms

ii. Context Diagram

3. Data Circulation Diagram

Data Dictionary Thorough description of how the present system works Objectives of the present system

Features of the present system

Limitations of the present system

Part 3 – The Recommended System

i actually. Definition of Terms

ii. Framework Diagram

3. Data Stream Diagram

iv. Data Dictionary

v. Normalization

vi. Repository Structure

vii. Program Pecking order

Chapter some – Unified Modeling Vocabulary

i. Use-Case Diagram

ii. Activity Picture

iii. Collection Diagram

Chapter 5 – Cost Benefit Analysis

Part 6 – Appendix

Gant Chart

Screen Layout

Report Layouts

Proposed Forms

Sample Documents

Phase 1


Company Account

Cainta Catholic College dawned through the CICM missionary passion. In 1931, Add some opuch. Fr. Jose Tajon was parish clergyman of Our Woman of Light. In school year 1996-1997 pursuing the five-year development plan of the school, a college level was opened up offering courses in Bachelor in Fundamental Education (BEED) and Bachelor in Supplementary Education (BSED). Thus, Cainta Catholic College became Cainta Catholic University. Additional training were opened up in School in SY 1997-1998: BALONEY Commerce major in Finance and BULL CRAP Computer Science. Two programs are ladderized courses: Associate in Spiritual Education and Certificate in Computer Secretarial (Two-year course). In Sept. 2010 17, 1997, Rev. Fr. Efren C. Villanueva was appointed as the new School President. Since the new centuries approaches, a fresh president of the institution was installed in the person of Rev. Fr. Paquito G. Gallego. The installation, last Nov. 30, 1999, was done through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated by the Most Revolution. Protacio G. Gungon, DD. The entrance of Fr. Pax towards the school paved the way to broaden the distance towards academic excellence that the school primarily desires. The educational personnel were empowered to particularly give attention to the program and willpower, the school's well-being and standard, with special emphasis on the cleanliness of the institution. For all of these to be integrated and work like a well-oiled machine, this individual gathered every one of the heads and supervisors of all departments to create the President's Council and appointed Brother. Joel C. Javiniar and Atty. Carmencita P. M. Logan to be the Executive Co-workers for Educational Affairs and then for Institutional Preparing and Advancement, respectively. Also, he designated Mrs. Cecilia V. Vinluan to be the Exec Assistant for Student Companies. With both the Academic and Administrative departments set up, the construction in the new Home was realized; the former Accounting and School offices within the Administration Building were changed into classrooms for the College Division. Since the Perpetual Adoration Church is located outside the school campus, the former workplace of the Home Custodian was refurbished in a prayer area for the spiritual needs of the students and the employees equally. Meanwhile, the President's workplace was used in the 2nd floor of the former T. They would. E. building, and the HRMD took over the vacated President's office. In February on the lookout for, 2004, Cainta Catholic University, then a Parochial school, was elevated towards the status of the Diocesan College. This essential phase inside the indelible history of the establishment is related to the effort of Fr. Gallego and the resolution with the Board of Trustees led by The majority of Rev. Fr....