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What does Abigail learn about the importance of the relatives? Discuss how Ruth Recreation area represents her characters and ideas about the family using (3) novel and language associated with the novel Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park, the protagonist Abigail understands about the importance of the family. She is a headstrong fourteen-year old girl who has experienced troubles in her own family, but when the girl with transported to the Rocks, 1873, and fulfills the Bend family, the lady realizes her selfish techniques. From her experiences with them Abigail learns that in any condition every family member, including herself, must show the key components of keeping a family together. Such as love, forgiveness, support and understanding. Ruth Park uses many approaches that illustrate the main concept of the the novel – how Abigail discovers about the value of the friends and family. In Playing Beatie Bend Abigail learns that appreciate and forgiveness are vital elements in keeping a family together. Abigail is an unforgiving child, especially toward her single parents. To Abigail, " her father was a king” and the metaphor emphasizes just how much she adores him. However , if her daddy " gone off with another lady”, Abigail is really outraged that she strikes him and refuses to reduce him. Abigail's unloving attitude was triggering the family to fall apart, and she realizes this with " sickish surprise” when she meets the Bow family in 1873. Gibbie Ribbon and bow is an ill boy; a " self-important small monster” to Abigail. The metaphor stresses Abigail's don't like for " unlovable and obnoxious” Gibbie, so once she understands " Dovey's devotion towards the child, her sleepless nights and endless patience”, she is struck with " embarrassed astonishment”. The ongoing descriptive dialect emphasizes the shock Abigail feels when she recalls her very own attitude toward her relatives compared to the adoring and forgiving Bows. When ever she results to her individual time, Abigail forgives her parents and realizes just how much she really loves them. She displays love and forgiveness which your woman...