Physics Holiday Homework

 Physics Getaway Homework Essay

Holiday's homework

Class IX

1 ) Is potential energy a vector or possibly a scalar quantity?

2 . A coach travels at a speed of 60 km/hr for 0. 52hr, at 35 km/h for the next 0. twenty four hours and then       at 70 km/h for the next 0. 71h. Precisely what is the average speed of the educate? 3. Plot the distance – time charts

a) If the body is sleeping

b) If the body is shifting with a uniform speed

c) When the person is moving using a non-uniform rate.

4. The brakes placed on a car made an speeding of 6 ms-2 inside the opposite В В В direction of the movement. If the car takes 2s to stop after the application of В В В brakes, calculate the space it moves during this time. your five. What is great acceleration and negative speed?

6. В Why is the motion of Satellites around their planets deemed an more rapid В В В В motion? six. Study time (t) versus distance (s) data given below and response the В questions that follow: Time (s)| Range (m)

0| 0

2| 8

4| 16

6| 16

8| 8

10| 0

almost 8. A educate is moving out of a railway station, may be the platform sleeping or in motion regarding theВ train? being unfaithful. (a) Plot a graph of the following data with a proper choice of scale and interpret the kind of motion showed by it. to (s)| 0| 2| 4| 6| 8| 10| 12

d (m)| 0| 1| 4| 9| 16| 25| 36

(b) Abdul, whilst driving to school compute the average speed pertaining to his trip to be twenty km/hr. In the return trip along the same route, there is certainly less traffic and the normal speed is definitely 30 km/hr. What is the typical speed of Abdul's trip? 10. A moving teach is delivered to rest within just 20 sec by applying brake systems. Find the first velocity, in case the retardation due to brakes is 2 m/s2.