Pension Day notes (in relation to conflict)

 Pension Day notes in relation to conflict Essay

PENSION DAY TIME by Archie Weller

-Although internal issue is within the consumer, it is brought on by social and cultural demands

-Conflict is usually strengthened by cultural differences, ideological differences and different values

-The lack of understanding between groups or perhaps individuals is the main cause of issue

-This typically leads to physical conflict eg. acts of violence or perhaps aggression; that may lead to detrimental consequences

-Pension Day explores the disastrous impact of racial and internal discord on the specific individual

-The bigger picture: The impact of Euro invasion of Australian, which result in discord, and in effect results in loss of lives and loss of culture

Types of conflict:

Ethnicity conflict: The mistreatment with the Aborigines by white people

-Cause: Distinct cultures and beliefs Г dispute in ideas, laws, values and customs (racism)

-Technique: Term choice -- Referred to as the " Outdated Wongi"

-G'day, ya absurd ole black bastard"

-The invasion of white, Western european settlers

-Effect: Leads to the Aboriginal people feeling contempt in return to the white persons

-White people = protagonists (cause/create the conflict amongst the tranquillity of Aboriginal community)

-White guys created the turmoil as the Indigenous people were purely living out their very own lives harmlessly, not leading to anyone any problems - " Currently taking him abruptly as he sitting, singing gently... dogs barked, the children cried, his youthful girl-woman currently full using a child-spirit cried.. "

-Technique: Juxtaposition of images -- chaos is established (tranquil existence of the native juxtaposed with the chaotic intrusion of the light settlers)

-The white people saw all their actions as a victory over the Indigenous people - " The sgt clipped within the handcuff's triumphantly" while their particular actions consequently resulted in the turmoil and suffering from the Aboriginal persons - " A rip slid away of his frightened, confused eyes"

-Technique: Word choice eg. triumphantly

-Technique: " The cruising police vehicle that, such as a gardener, is usually searching for a few weeds to pull up by the roots and throw in the bin" Г shows that the white peace officer are the protagonists; and the pot symbolises the Aboriginal gentleman

-They took them far from their traditional land - " The white men had split him away from his reddish land's breast"

-They imposed white lifestyle and customs on indigenous Aborigines

-As a result of this process, he was required to neglect his culture and lifestyle and adopt the customs and beliefs in the white people, as White colored law overruled Indigenous legislation, and the simply way this individual could live a tranquil life was going to become one of them - " There was no room to get yesterdays people"

-Technique: Short, abrupt phrases to create a increased impact on the responder Г very effective

-" At last he was one of these.. his stomach was full of white gentleman respect. "

-Technique: Metaphor's

-By imprisoning the Aboriginal man and removing his from his tribe, the white people effectively took away his home, his freedom, his friends and family, and his joy

Constant struggle with society and its particular ideals:

-" A life for a life. Which how the rules had worked since just before everything. What the law states was the legislation. "

-Technique: Imagery & symbolism: " The ground swept away prior to him.. his whole universe disappeared in a blur. " They carried off his your life

-He hardly ever truly squeeze into society; finally " He had no region. He had not really home. "

-He must accept the values with the society he lives in, even if it means stopping his tradition and changing his id

-Causes him to become furious and aggressive " This individual used to grow angry occasionally, and collecting the ridiculous sheep up by their shaggy necks he'd have tossed them in to the yard, occasionally killing them"

-Referred to as " The irritated giant. "

-Symbolism -- The redback people Г compares these spiders " who hug the darker corners and scuttle hideously from rusted hiding spot to rusted hiding place. From pale...