The Doors

 The Doors Essay

The Doors

More than 40 years ago one of the most well-known bands, " the Doors" was created at the sea by Venice beach. " The Doors" became one of many premier works of the late 1960s. The members were Jim Morrison, who was singing, on the any guitar Robbie Krieger, the drummer John Dencemore and Manzarek playing the organ. To start with they arose on birthday or wedding events. Then emerged the day where they agreed upon an deal with Columbia, which was dessolved after a short period of time. The Doors enjoyed for very little money in bar called " London Fog", where they will devoloped their unmistakable music style. Inside the first time Jim Morrison did with the to the public, because of his cowardliness, timidity, fearfulness, apprehension. Therefore it is hardly to imagine if you feel of one of his later on performaces. Soon after they performed in " Whiskey-A-Go-Go", by which they played out the famous song " The end". But after some time the people of " The Doors" had to move, because of an excessive amount of alcohol ebenso wild medication parties. Finally Elektre data took the band beneath contract and this was the start of a extended successful


In 1967 that they published all their debut album " Like my own fire", which became a mojor struck. Many of the music made by The Doors were required for a communal way, shown Manzarek, with Morrison generally contributing the lyrics and some melody, while the other folks hammered out your beat and flow in the song. Essential for the popularity of the music group was the organ play (keine ahnung na wie man orgalspiel Гјbersetzt lol) of Manzarek and the incredibly speciel vocalist Jim Morrison. In 1971, following a recording of L. A. Woman, Morrison decided to take some time out and with girl Pamela Courson moved to Paris, france. Morrison perished there below mysterious situations on a few July the year of 1971; his body was seen in his apartment's bath tub. It absolutely was concluded that he died of a heart attack, although it was afterwards revealed that not any autopsy have been performed ahead of Morrison's human body was smothered at the PГЁre-Lachaise Cemetery. 1973 " The Doors" were dissolved and three...