On Theodore Dreiser's Sister Barbara from the Perspective of Naturalism

 On Theodore Dreiser’s Sibling Carrie from your Perspective of Naturalism Article



Qiu Yanhong

Summer, 2007

Xiaogan University


Theodore Dreiser is usually an outstanding copy writer in American literary record. Writing in naturalist style; he developed new time of American literature and motivated a good many modern day writers as well as his enthusiasts. Sister Carrie is regarded as the work of art of Theodore Dreiser's composing skills in naturalist design. And this thesis from the point of view of Naturalism in American literature, currently taking Sister Barbara as an example, tries to study this from naturalistic point of view and explain how environmental elements and inheritance factors impact the leading man and heroine's fate. Besides that, seeing that it's very well understood that naturalism features several limits, the newspaper aims to talk about naturalism in Sister Carrie with important eyes, criticizing pessimistic determinism and the concept of human beast as reflected in the novel. By studying naturalism in Sister Carrie, one can criticize its limits and find way to those universal social problems so as to provide some valuable experience for the socialistic buildings: the youngsters should be self-respected, self- confident and self-dependent and try to defeat the unimportant environmental factors and hereditary factors being the grasp of one's personal fate. This is the realistic relevance of my own paper and explains for what reason Sister Carrie which was crafted over a hundred years ago is still popularly go through by contemporary people and constantly appreciated by authorities in other fresh perspectives and endowed with new associations.

Key Wordsпјљenvironmental factors; hereditary factors; naturalism




关键词:环境因素; 遗传因素; 自然主义


1 . Introduction1

2 . Naturalistic Environmental Factors for Carrie2

2 . one particular The living environmental factorsпјЌluring metropolises2 installment payments on your 2 The social environmental factorsпјЌassociation with a group of individual tempters4 installment payments on your 3 Mysterious manipulation of chances5

a few. Naturalistic Hereditary Factors intended for Carrie6

three or more. 1 Rendered gift promising her success on the stage6 3. two Insatiable desire for pleasure serving as a propelling force7 5. Naturalism's Limits as Shown in Sibling Carrie8

4. 1 Review of pessimistic determinism because reflected in Sister Carrie9 4. a couple of Critique of concept of human beast since reflected in Sister Carrie11 5. Conclusion12




About Theodore Dreiser's Sister Barbara from the Perspective of Naturalism

1 . Advantages

At the beginning, it's of importance to determine what naturalism is. As a matter of fact, that's a troublesome question, for there are various views and regular debates about it. In my daily news, I tend to specify naturalism as being a special innovative current of thought which emerged in 1890s and came to a dominant situation in 1900s in European countries and America. It originated in France in 1850s, represented by Zola. As the most influential naturalistic writer in The european countries, Zola reported in his well-known The Trial and error Novel that he wrote about existence as it was lived in slums, that may be, he aimed to present a true-to-life photo in front of his reader. This bolder approach to describe facts soon caught the attention of countless young authors in America who have found that Howells an realism was going to fennel and restrained to depict the sordid specifics in America...

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