Nursing: Homosexuality and United states of america

 Essay regarding Nursing: Homosexuality and United states of america

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Based on everything you observed in the film or perhaps read available; clearly articulate and delineate at least three in the sociopolitical factors that affected public health policy development intended for HIV/AIDs elimination and control in the United States. Then discuss separately all the three sociopolitical factors every single factor and discussion is equal to 3 points each. The three sociopolitical factors that influenced public welfare policy advancement for HIV/Aids prevention and control in the us were determining early possible ways of spreading the disease, how it affected our blood circulation and that to acknowledge the social implications that it could be everyman's disease. Initially, inside the movie there are signs of the disease but they were not sure possibly what it was. People were perishing from a form of pneumonia that was not common; one man had Toxoplasmosis which is a cat's disease. Additional patients had a low or no T-cell rely. As film production company progressed that they found an association with " Patient Zero” and this concept that they known as the MAIN GRID which was standing for Gay Related Immune Deficiency which term was coined by Costs Kraus who was speaking on behalf of the gay rights in Washington, G. C. in 1980. Inside the connection with individual zero it is ultimately discovered that there was a flight worker who was homosexual who had sexual intercourse with many men who then had sex with others and the physician's were able to make the connection with this info. They were capable to trace returning to the air travel attendant who was patient no and whom he rested with and who all those people experienced slept with, so on and etc .. The flight attendant got given him names and so they were able to speak with several males who provided names of other males that they got sex with. (Spelling, Vincent & Spottiswoode, 1993). The 2nd factor that helped to form public plan and help with control and prevention was regarding our...

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