NT2670 Email and Web Providers Lab one particular

 Essay about NT2670 Email and Internet Services Lab 1


Week 2

Lab two

1 ) NT2670 Srv14B

2 . Put roles, put features

three or more. 0 roles installed

some. 0 features installed

a few. Installation succeeded

6. That continues while using installation

7. At the time you select house windows search solutions checkbox there is no troubles putting in it

8. It informs you that home windows search support and indexing service cannot both become installed.

1 ) Because it generalizes the ISS process model removing habbit on HTTP

2 . The arrears document that was erased is needed to be configured intended for the expected URL.

several. Prediction is that it would operate

four. It doesn't display error 403. 14

5. It gives you the two files associated with the IP address 127. 0. zero. 1

6. Error 403 Forbidden Get is rejected

7. Since we are going to put it to use as an HTML document not as text message

8. It will require you to the website you created

on the lookout for. It reveals the Sales website

10. Every addresses created provides a different number name.

eleven. It takes you to the standard IIS7 Webpage

13. It had been created inside folder " www14 " as a subfolder

14. Cannot verify get pass ISS manager are unable to verify if built in consideration has gain access to

15. Path is accessible

16. www14. contoso14. com/links

18. http mistake 403. 16

18. permit it will provide you with a list of folders under links URL


LAB several

1 ) It takes me to the website created upon Lab two

2 . Page can't be viewed

3. This only enables you to access Internet protocol address that are allowed on your " add restrictions”

4. HTTP Error 403. 6

a few. HTTP Error 403. 6 Microsoft phishing filter alert box arises

6. Allows to see the web page created upon Lab2

7. HTTP Error 403. 6

8. Denied Internet protocol address

9. Was able to access website from Lab 2

twelve. It would certainly not connect if you don't allow it and if you don't add the desired IP address

11. Unknown Authentication

12. IUSR

13. HTTP Mistake 401. a couple of not able to display page because of invalid authentication IUSR account is impaired

14. Site was viewed because IUSR account was enabled

12-15. Anonymous Authentication is allowed

16. It will take you the developed website by Lab2

18. Anonymous Authentication if you go to IIS manager console it will eventually tell you what Authentication is currently

getting enabled or perhaps disabled.

18. A logging and username and password window appears

19. Basic Authentication

20. Not able to Logging

21. Problem 401. one particular Unauthorized terribly lack permission to view page awful password and user identity.

22. Recommendations were confirmed at log in was able to access website

3. Was able to access website

twenty four. Windows Authentication because it was enabled

twenty-five. Because both are using diverse ports.

twenty six. Error 403. 4 Webpage Forbidden Web page is properly secured with SSL

27. A Logging and password windowpane appears

28. That fail to weight a Logging and password window looks.

NT2670 Email and Web Providers

Unit five Assignment you

1 ) Ports eighty, 7007, 1755 TCP-135

installment payments on your Windows Storage space Networking

House windows domain framework and protection

TCP/IP marketing concepts

three or more. It is easy to use and harmonizes with most web browsers, proxy machines, and firewalls

4. RTSP, mms: //, HTTP

Device 6 Assignment 1

1 . A way, protocol, or network assistance the capability fir a network device for example a router or perhaps computer

installment payments on your It should be utilized but it is usually not needed nevertheless, you may encounter problems minus a stationary IP like lots of UNSOLICITED MAIL. Definitely advised in a bigger company

3. Certainly but you will have to have additional spam computer software to take care of all of the SPAM

four. DynDNS they may have very good review and seem to work effectively for most people as well as being inexpensive.