Daily news Cone Laboratory Report

 Paper Cone Lab Report

Newspaper cone Lab


- Independent: The independent adjustable is the diameter of the daily news cone's base.

- Conditional: The time will probably be measured to view how long kind of effort does it take the conventional paper cone to land on the ground. For this dimension we are going to make use of a stopwatch plus the time scored is going to be based upon our effect time.

- Controlled: The mass with the paper cone and also the level from which we intend to drop the paper cone are constant. The speed due to gravity will be presumed to remain continuous around 9. 81 ms-2 because we all will conduct the test in the same room.

Analysis question (aim):

To investigate the way the diameter of the paper cone's base is going to affect the time for you to land on the ground from the same height in order to find a mathematical explanation because of it.


The aim is to find a connection between the time measured and the diameter with the paper cones. The stage we took will be the following kinds:

Gather every necessary products (see 'Apparatus' section)

Cut out five identical circles.

The circle is divided into 36 sections, meaning that each section is twelve degrees.

Work with glue to create paper cones but don't cut out any sections, mainly because that way the mass will probably change

Intended for the 1st circle adhere three portions together as well as for the others, every time increase the volume of sections sticked together simply by three.

Hold the paper cones ________ centimeter from the flooring.

Let the newspaper cone show up.

Measure the time passed between the falling and the clinching with the help of the stopwatch.

Duplicate the same process three times for every single of the conventional paper cones.

Consider an average of the results.





Five paper cones

Mass-hook (holder)

Ruler with millimeter divisions


Length between the ground and the elevation from which the cone is dropped everytime: ______cm Uncertainness: as utilizing a ruler, the height may vary in the recorded a single as we could not measure that...