Narrative Essay

Section One:


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region 2 Comarcal Environment and Natural Solutions Office (PENRO) in Cagayan with workplace address in Nursery Chemical substance, San Gabriel, Tuguegarao City was created due to Executive Purchase No . hundranittiotv?, series of 1987 providing to get the Reorganization Act in the Department of Environment and Natural Assets. This legislation calls for a reorganized structure and function of PENROs and CENROs in most DENR Regional Offices.

Established on May 6th, 1987, PENRO Cagayan was initially located in Buntun Highway (former CVMC Building), Tuguegarao Town headed simply by For. Armando U. Bucad, the first PENR Official. Having not any permanent business office to stay in, the Office hired thrice and transferred several times. PENRO personnel placed their business office at Zamora St ., Objeto 5 coming from 1990-1997; for Reyes St ., Ugac Septentrion from 1998-1999; and at Rogelio B. Baggayan's (RBBs) Area, Carig coming from 2000-2009, most located in Tuguegarao City. These place was already owned by the DENR in that time.

With RED Benjamin To. Tumaliuan's initiative to acquire everlasting lot and building for all those DENR office buildings in the region, PENRO Cagayan got again moved house to its long term abode at the begining of 2010 via RBBs Recreation area in Carig to Baby room Compound, San Gabriel, Tuguegarao City, the former DENR Local Office.

PENR Police officer Felix C. Taguba initiated the improvement in the building as well as its landscape as well. Despite of this kind of physical success, PENRO Cagayan still do not possess License of Property Title as the lot is still under the name of Provincial Baby room owned by Provincial Authorities. However , a Deed of Conditional Charite was granted to Bureau of Forestry and Bureau of Countries (now DENR) through Provincial Board Image resolution Nos. 1016 series of 70 and 289 series of year 1971, respectively.

The equally clever rosters of PENR Representatives assigned in the province 25 years ago had been Foresters Armando Bucad, 1987-1988;...