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Voting is just as easy since 1-2-3!

1 . Sign up to have your vote

2 . Get ready to vote


3. Get vote!

1 ) Sign up to have your vote

To sign up to vote, you should be:

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• 18 years or older by simply Election Day time • a U. H. citizen • not in prison or on parole for a felony To get a voter registration kind:

• Phone 1-800-345-8683 to get a form delivered to you. • Pick one up on the library, mailbox, DMV, or other public places. • Visit It's COST-FREE! Fill out the form completely and can include the expected identification amount. Then, snail mail it in. You don't possibly need a seal of approval.

When do i need to sign up?

• Sign up (register) at least 15 days prior to an selection. • Make sure you register once again if you move, change your name, or desire to change the political get together. Do I need to join a political party?


• When you join vote, you're going to be asked if you wish to join a political get together. • A political party is a group who reveal the same concepts about what govt should do. • There are 6 parties in California. • You can sign-up with a party or you can pick " Decrease to State” (sometimes referred to as " Independent”) and not certainly be a member of a political party. June Statewide Election:

I actually do not want to join up with a political party

(If you select this method, you may not manage to vote for some parties' candidates in primary elections. ) I want to register with a politics party

Voters select the leading two prospects for different selected offices. Voters can choose candidates via any party.

November General Election:

The best two vote-getters from the main run against each other to find out who will always be elected.

installment payments on your Get ready to vote

Acquire informed

Ahead of you political election, learn about what you would be voting on. You don't have to vote on everything. You are able to just political election on the things you care about. That will help you prepare, almost all registered arreters get two booklets in the mail: • a Sample Boule that prospect lists all of the prospects and...