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 Mun Ga Resolution Essay


Matter: Approaches to Prevent the Acquisition of Guns of Mass Destruction (WMDs) by Terrorist and Extremist Organizations Sponsor: Angola

Keeping in mind that a Weapon of Mass Destruction is any elemental, chemical, or biological weapon that can cause indiscriminate fatality or harm on a mass,

Being attentive to the terrorist group AL-Qaeda along with a few North Caucasus terrorist groups that have consistently stated that they seek indivisible weapons and possess tried to acquire them

Further will remind that Osama bin Laden has stated that the purchase of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass break down is a " religious duty",

Noting with deep concern the secrecy of the possession of a indivisible weapon as well as the effects stated in this article due to the difficulty to locate the weapon,

Viewing with appreciation the Treaty of Pelindaba (signed in 1996 and reached effect in 2009) which in turn establishes a nuclear-weapon-free area in The african continent,

Deeply Disturbed by the strike of Hiroshima and Nagasaki conducted by the United States in WWII as well as the effects of the nuclear bombings that brought on large amounts of destruction and injury,

Applauds the Guns of Mass Destruction Directorate's (WMDD) actions to prevent dangers from becoming an attack,

Taking into account the access of nuclear weaponry in the U. S., UK, France, Russia, China, Pakistan, India, and North Korea,

The Republic of Angola,

1 . Calls upon the creation of your committee that focuses on terrorist groups and the use and retention of weapons of mass damage (WMDs) plus the name from the committee while, The Research Panel of the Abolishment of Terrorism/Extremist Groups and Their Use of WMDs (RCAT);

2 . Requests the RCAT conduct the following analysis of:

a) the availability of WMDs to terrorist and extremist groups;

b) what WMD certain terrorist groups are holding or trying to gain possession of, such as stated in preambulatory clause #2 and on collection 3 & 4;