Mr Elmahi

 Mr Elmahi Essay


Week 1 . Yahoo Inc.

Case Questions

1 . Review Google's corporate web site and total annual report. Just how would you describe Google's strategy? 2 . Make a competitor analysis. How would you define Google's industry? Whom are Google's competitors? three or more. Prepare an environmental evaluation. What are the trends impacting Google's industry? What are the expansion prospects intended for Google's core business? some. Do you think Google's industry is a competitive market, in the specialized sense? Really does Google have got a environmentally friendly competitive advantage in internet search? 5. Would you recommend buying Google?

Week 2 . Redhook Beer Company, Inc.

Case Questions

1 . Prepare a competitor analysis. How would you specify Redhook's sector? Who happen to be Redhook's relevant competitors? 2 . Prepare a great environmental evaluation of the dark beer industry circa 1996. Shell out special attention for the differences between your mass and craft brew segments. three or more. Prepare a Five Forces Examination for the craft dark beer segment. Just how attractive is a craft ale segment? Prepare a Five Causes Analysis for the mass beer portion. Which is more desirable the create beer or perhaps mass dark beer segments? 5. What are the near future prospects to get Redhook Beer Company? Would you invest in all their IPO?

Week 3. Apple (Computer) Inc.

Case Inquiries

1 . Make a Five Pushes Analysis in the personal computer sector. (Think of the traditional House windows based COMPUTER. ) Just how attractive are these claims industry? installment payments on your What is Apple's strategic situation within the personal computer industry? How does this position " push back” on the five competitive pushes? 3. Prepare a Capabilities Evaluation of Apple. Does Apple have a sustainable competitive advantage in personal computers? Why or perhaps you should? 4. So what do you suggest Apple carry out with its computer system business (the Mac)?

Week 4. SonyPlaystation 4

Circumstance Questions

1 . Who will be the major competition in house video game games consoles? How have they faired above the previous years of gaming systems?