MGMT404 Scope Statement

 MGMT404 Scope Statement Article

Project Scope Statement

Task Name

Sørensen Bakery

Project Number

Group C

Job Manager



Assertion of Work—Project Description and

Project Merchandise

The first thing is the fact wee need to find a location. Preferably, a large building that could be remolded and has space for expansion. Once reconstruction is completed we all will then concentrate on different advertising events to build a clientele. This food handling business will provide consumers with ability to eat the best possible baked goods without having to break the bank for this. This getting said we will find the best locally made ingredients and purchase in bulk in such a way that the ingredients will still be reasonably priced. The sausages and meats will be made in residence by our own chefs. All of us will have our very own homemade fresh mozzarella. We will start away as a little bakery that brings traditional Danish snacks right to the doorstep of Kent, Buenos aires. The Sørensen Bakery provides items like delicate pastries, cakes for every occasion, homemade breads, and smorgasbord sandwiches in a fraction of the cost of other bakeries. We all also will generate specialty bread made to look like other products not usually associated with wedding cake like handbag cakes shoe cakes etc . We want to produce a relationship with our suppliers and the customers by doing this allowing all of us to sell top quality goods by a reasonable selling price. We can market the product in the surrounding community and we will have a website so that orders that want time can be placed on line and is picked up in store. We is going to host several events like sandwich eating contest that brings in a customer base. We will certainly host an online give away that influence customers into the bakery buy providing the initial 50 people to place an order a free gift.

Project Deliverables

Warm and welcoming environment

Great meals

Dinning location will be built and fashioned with recycled goods Healthy food choices

Cakes, L

Purchase of tools