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Lesson Plan Information

Topic: Math (To look into and explore multiplication facts)


In this activity, students will investigate and explore copie facts.

The scholars will:

В•Work in organizations to unit a plan in making a copie matrix В•Construct a multiplication matrix

В•Reflect on the patterns they see in the matrix


For each group

В•1 cm grid newspaper

В•full pieces of paper



For the students

В•36" By 48" butcher paper


В•Make roughly 10 copies of 1 centimeter grid conventional paper on colored paper for every single group of pupils. В•Cut one particular piece of 36" X 48" butcher newspaper.

В•Start the multiplication matrix by putting four or five rectangles on the matrix.


a. Mini-lesson:

В•I will begin the lesson by demonstrating the class the multiplication graph and or chart I ready. I will ask pivotal questions to start a dialogue, " So what do you think this chart shows"?, " What do the side amounts mean"? В•I will point to a rectangular shape and ask, " What can you show me about this rectangle"? В•I will hold up a grid newspaper rectangle with 4 lines of 6 and enquire, " Just how many rows are from this rectangle?, Just how many pieces in each row?, How many in all"? В•I will then ask the students " Where do you think this rectangle belongs within the chart"? (I will motivate students to use the " rows of" language to aid in deciding the placement of rectangles on the chart). В•Next, I will state " Today you will be employed in groups to make a multiplication matrix". В•I can tell learners that they need to formulate a plan to be sure that all of the rectangles they need to display will fit on the butcher paper. В•I will point to an empty space on the matrix and ask, " What will the rectangle in this space appear like?, What formula will you compose on it"? В•We will discuss just how although 2 X 5 and four X two have the same merchandise, the two concerns mean various things.

b. Group Work:

В•As students interact to construct the multiplication...