Marketing and Fund Integration

 Marketing and Fund Integration Article


Marketing and financing departments within a company are often at chances with each other because of their opposing orientations. But their characteristics, when included, can be fruitful and significantly enhance worth of the organization. Financial input in marketing can generate shareholder worth and show how to accomplish the required integration of the financing function with marketing to get the successful modern business. The features of these departments are the following.   Marketing function-To generate product sales (revenue, income) to be used by financial department in order to meet costs, capital expenditure, assistance capital, reinforce firm's financial position Finance Function-To ensure that a good remains monetarily strong, solvent, liquid and profitable by employing its methods (raised/generated) effectively, productively and profitably

Financing department is liable for overall supervision of the funds of the organization. It is worried about budgeting, charging, treasury supervision, risk variation etc . Financial department has to see that money is being distributed properly. Alternatively, Marketing division is responsible for recognizing the desires of the customers and then designing a product according to these demands so that buyers are happy. Quite often, these types of functions run into problems and they are unable to function to their total potential due to inherent marriage issues. The lack of co-operation quickly becomes noticeable when the affiliates work at get across purposes. A few of the conflicts that arise between these functions are resolved here.



The most important conflict between finance and marketing office is allocation of cash. Finance department normally concerns the bills by Marketing department. They reflect on the promotional campaigns or the general money spent about marketing function is not bringing about virtually any benefit for the company. On the other hand, Marketing department...