Marine Products Export Expansion Authority (Mpeda)

 Marine Goods Export Expansion Authority Mpeda Essay

Marine Products Foreign trade Development Specialist (MPEDA)

Origins of MPEDA

The Marine Products Export Development Expert (MPEDA) was constituted in 1972 under the Ocean Products Foreign trade Development Expert Act 72 (No. 13 of 1972). The part envisaged to get the MPEDA under the arrete is thorough - covering up fisheries of all kinds, increasing exports, specifying standards, processing, marketing, extension and training in several aspects of the industry.

Framework, Activities & Network

MPEDA functions under the Ministry of Commerce, Authorities of India and acts as a coordinating agency with different Central and Local government establishments involved in fishery production and sibling activities. The composition with the Authority has in Annex I.

Standing up Committees of MPEDA

• Executive Committee

• Technological Committee

• Export Campaign Committee

The master plan schemes in the Authority will be implemented beneath seven major heads: 1 ) Market Promotion

2 . Get Fisheris

3. Culture The fishing industry

4. Processing infrastructure & value addition

5. Quality control

6th. Research and development

several. Viability space funding

Function programme of MPEDA

1) Registration of infrastructure establishments for seafood Export transact 2) Collection and diffusion of control information

3) Projection of Indian sea products in overseas markets by participation in offshore fairs and organising foreign seafood festivals in India. 4) Setup of expansion measures essential to the sector like division of protected fish bins, putting up seafood landing websites, improvement of peeling sheds, modernisation of industry such as upgrading of plate termes conseilles, installation of IQF machinery, electrical generator sets, ice cubes making machineries, quality control laboratory and so forth 5) Promo ofВ aquaculture for production ofВ shrimp and prawn for foreign trade. 6) Promo of value added Seafoods.

7) Promotion of Tuna fishery.

8) Setup of organic and natural farming.

9) Conservation management.


The top Quarters of MPEDA is located at Kochi in Kerala. The local offices of MPEDA in Veraval (Gujarat), Mumbai (Maharashtra), Kochi (Kerala, Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Visakhapatanam (Andhra Pradesh) and Kolkata (West Bengal) and six sub local offices by Goa, Mangalore (Karnataka), Kollam (Kerala), Tuticorin (Tamil Nadu), Bhubaneswar (Orissa) and Guwahatti (Assam) will be functioning while field offices for execution of various activities of the Power besides engaging themselves in export promo of ocean products by giving guidance and assistance to the processing sector and the export trade.

In the same way six regional centres in Kochi (Kerala), Panvel (Maharashtra), Valsad (Gujarat), Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu), Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), and Bhubaneswar (Orissa) and 4 sub regional centres in Kannur (Kerala), Karwar (Karnataka), Bhimavaram (Andhra Pradesh) and Kolkota (West Bengal) prolong assistance to boost production of shrimp to sustain and increase export products. MPEDA in addition has set up three stand alone laboratories, other than the main one in Brain Quarters, by Bhimavaram, В Nellore in Andhra Pradesh & Bhubaneswar(Orissa) equipped with sophisticated equipments just like LC MS MS intended for testing numerous parameters.

The Authority works two abroad Trade Promo Offices, one at Tokyo (Japan) as well as the other at New York (USA) with Resident Directors because Head of Offices. The objectives in the overseas Control Promotion Offices are to promote seafood imports into the particular countries by simply liaising with Indian exporters as well as overseas importers, growing contact with Authorities agencies/officials to remove identified limitations, promote the of Of india products through publicity promotions, identify marketplaces for new products, create awareness on the capacities of Of india processing, packaging, quality inspection procedures etc . and also to discover suitable partnership...